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Северный путь

Торговая марка Морское круинговое агентство «Северный путь» (англ. «NordVEGR») работает на рынке региона более 10 лет, является лидирующим в своем направлении деятельности. Ключевое направление деятельности компании – трудоустройство специалистов на суда дальнего плавания.

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English classes

All seafarers are being controlled for keeping updated necessary certificates as required by Flag State & International Conventions. If needed, Nordvegr arranges Maritime English courses for employed personnel, monitoring it’s status before and after subsequent employment.

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Nordvegr finance

We would like to introduce you our crewing Agency “NordVEGR Ltd.” Kaliningrad, RUSSIA The history of our Agency is not too long, but rather successful. Kaliningrad is known in Russia as seamen area with long established traditions, great seamen society, initially from fishing and reefer fleet. Well known Marine College and Kaliningrad Marine State Academy. Our agency has started in year of 2000 with one vessel m/v Baltica Hav. From the beginning our Agency is dealing mostly with Russian seafarers.

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Часы работы
- Working hours: 10.00 -17.30


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