GT: 7600

NT.: 2650

LOA 112 m

Breath 18 m

Depth(m) 9,5 m

Draught 7,7 m

Flag - NIS

ME: Caterpillar 2x2250 kW

Crew 45 persons. Mas, C/O, 2/O, C/E, 2/E, ETO, REF

Refrigeration Plant:Installation by GEA Refrigeration Netherlands.

Computerised control system for reefer system.

8 x compressors + motors (4 x CO2 + 4 x Amonia)

Two seperate systems in parallel using amonia and CO2 refrigerant gas.

4 x refrigerated sea water tanks (-1deg) for holding fresh fish before freezing.

High capacity fish freezing system using vertical plate freezing stations (36units)

Two x on board cold rooms -20deg. Storage capacity 2000mt frozen fish.


Requirements to master: NIS Endorsement required. 6 week at sea and 6 week ashore rotation. Trading area is between Las Palmas and Mauritania. Accommodation is Norwegian standards. Masters duties aside from the normal sailing and administrative duties includes managing mooring operations with fishing vessels delivering fresh fish and also managing cargo operations where reefer vessels trans-ship our frozen cargos. Both operations are conducted at anchorage in Mauritania. Master is responsible for liasing with the factory manager to ensure processing operation runs efficiently and that the vessel is maximising the volume of fish produced.